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Central-European Religious Freedom Institute (in further text Institute) is a non-profit organization registered in Budapest, Hungary, and it is opened to people of all religions as well as to atheists and agnostics. The purposes and goals of the Institute are to encourage inter-religious cooperation and dialogue, to promote, preserve and protect religious freedom and human rights as given in International Declaration on Human Rights, to cooperate and exchange experiences with organizations and like minded individuals and groups.

Institute will also serve as platform for religious communities to present themselves and their activity to Internet users around the world with purpose of increasing understanding and tolerance and will publish news from different religious communities as well as news relating to religious freedom and Human Rights.

Institute will serve as an independent body for monitoring laws on religions and will alert its members and allied organizations about any attempts to restrict this basic right.

Founder, President, Executive director, Honorary Board Members and all Editors and Contributors are obliged to be impartial in their work and are not to use the web site and the blog of the Institute for promoting religious communities to which they belong. In their work they will always keep in mind the purposes of the Institute as given above.

Jura Nanuk

Artist and human rights activist, member of Croatian Religious Liberty Association, Vedic Ambassador, member of Vedic Friends Association.

Author of books ‘Colors of China’ and ‘A Small Book on Hinduism’, Founding Editor of  ‘DT – Diplomacy & Trade Magazine’ published by Budapest Week Publishing.

In 2010, Jura Nanuk was awarded by Croatian Religious Liberty Association for his work in promoting religious freedom and Human Rights in Croatia.

In December 2011 awarded a title of Peace Ambassador by Universal Peace Federation.


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