Urgent help needed for flood victims in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia

23 05 2014



Red Cross Assists with Relief Efforts in the Balkans

Although the water has receded in some areas, the worst floods in more than a century continue to create havoc in large parts of both Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

While thousands are still waiting to be rescued from their homes, tens of thousands have been evacuated and are staying with families or in shelter. In Serbia an estimated 300,000 are without safe water or electricity. In Bosnia and Herzegovina the figure is 50,000. Many are living in unsafe and insanitary conditions created by the floods.

Almost one third of Bosnia is affected by floods with houses, roads and railway lines being submerged in the north eastern part of the country. A vast number of landslides have worsened the situation and relief efforts, and there are reports that landmines buried during the conflict have shifted with the landslides, making the situation more dangerous for residents and rescuers.

In Serbia, the worst affected area is around the town of Obrenovac, south west of Belgrade, where around 10,000 people are still stranded. While water levels in some rivers are receding, the river Sava and two other rivers are still rising, forecast to reach their peak during Sunday night or later, so the danger is far from over.

The Red Cross societies of both countries have been actively engaged in rescue and relief activities, helping set up centers for those evacuated.

The Red Cross of Serbia has specially trained teams – as well as thousands of staff and volunteers – assisting with continued evacuations and providing relief items.

The Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina have mobilized teams in the affected areas, who are assisting authorities with evacuations as well as providing blankets, mattresses, drinking water, food and hygiene kits, rubber boots and water purifiers to more than 10,000 people. These figures are expected to rise.

In Brcko, one of the worst affected areas, Red Cross volunteers are helping to move sandbags along the River Sava to prevent it from flooding dozens of villages which are still in danger. Many volunteers and their families in both countries are themselves affected by the floods.

We ask our international partners, colleagues, and friends to support the people in the Balkans with a donation of any size.

  • There is a great shortage of food, drinking water, clothes, hygienic products, and medicine for everyone, but the most immediate concern is for babies and their exhausted mothers.
  • There is danger of infection in the coming days as water supplies have been contaminated.
  • Support will be needed even more in the months ahead, since hospitals, schools, houses, and roads all need to be rebuilt.


How to help in Croatia

  • Donate to Red Cross 
  • Donate to Croatian Caritas 


How to help in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Donate to Red Cross of Republika Srpska 
  • Donate Red Cross of the Federation of B&H 


How to help in Serbia

  • Donate to the state institution solely for this purpose



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23 05 2014
Dominik Lapanja

Jako plemenit potez ! Sa poštovanjem D PS: podjelio sam to na FB


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