Open Letter to pastor Keith Cressman of St. Mark’s United Methodist Church in Bethany, Oklahoma

30 06 2013
Sacred Rain Arrow statue in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Sacred Rain Arrow statue in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Dear Pastor Cressman,

I sincerely hope the God whom you preach will open your eyes and enable you to see absurdity of your claim. I am appalled by your lack of accord for cultural heritage of indigenous American population and I sincerely believe suing the state of Oklahoma for an innocent Native American symbol on its license plate is below pathetic.

I don’t know if you are aware that the very name of the state in which you live and preach is derived from the Choctaw words okla and humma, meaning “red people”. Do you plan to request changing the name of Oklahoma because it violates your own religious beliefs by reminding you of “pagan” religion?

I find it necessary to remind you of the fact that the land you live on was taken away from those okla humma people and that having Native Indian symbol on your state’s license plate is a symbolic way to show them due respect. After taking their land away from them and forcing them to live in reservations don’t you see that having their symbol on license plate is symbolic way of saying “sorry”? Why do you see it as a problem?

Did it ever occur to you that instead of pretending to be a victim due to your hurt feelings you might show some compassion for people who were taken to the brink of extinction by your ancestors?

I sincerely hope your God will forgive you your ignorance and lack of compassion.

Sincerely yours,

Jura Nanuk,
Founder & President of
Central-European Religious Freedom Institute

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30 06 2013
Demented creationist creates a scene at the unveiling of an atheist monument in Florida

[…] the Oklahoma sacred rain arrow statue on his car’s licence plate was publicly branded today as “pathetic” and “ignorant” by Jura Nanuk, founder & President of Central-European Religious Freedom […]

19 07 2013

I work in a tag agency and I remember when these plates came out there was a LOT of racist comments towards Native Americans when we handed them out. Being part Cherokee I usually had a word or two to say back to them because of how ignorant they were being. One customer said, “Oklahoma wasn’t built from a indian, it was built on the back of a white man and a plow!” so I responded, “Yeah that whole Trail of Tears thing never happened, did it?” And he was done talking after that. But I will say most people were happy with the plate, not all of us Okies are like that.

15 01 2014
Frank Port

How soon the church forgets all the natives they killed in the name of their”GOD”. Just alone the millions in California. In no way has the church ever made an apology. That alone shows their values when it come to human lives.

23 01 2014

I would be interested to know if you have actually read the body of the suit, or if your comments are based on media reports?

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