India: Increase in animosity against Christians

20 04 2012

Three recent attacks against Christians in India reflect an increase in animosity against believers throughout the country.

In Kerala state, a pastor and his children were attacked on Feb. 21. Pastor Titus Ignatius Kapan and his family were eating dinner at the house of a Hindu convert when Hindu extremists entered the house. They abused the pastor and his children before dropping huge boulders on the pastor’s car.

Just days earlier, Hindu extremists disrupted a prayer service in Pandhi village, Chhattisgarh state. Although the church had reportedly obtained police permission for the event, 15 to 20 extremists interrupted the service on the first day, threatening attendees and slapping one of the pastors.

The next day, 50 extremists tore down the believers’ tent and began assaulting them. One of the pastors required stitches. The extremists returned later that night, beating church members and another pastor with their fists and leather belts. They also damaged a motorbike.

A group of Christians in Haibasa district, Jharkhand state, were forced to leave their village after a series of attacks against them by local villagers. The Christians took refuge at a nearby church and are living without adequate food and clothing. In the final attack on this group, on Jan. 29, a violent mob closed down all exit points to the village before assaulting the Christians with iron rods, axes, arrows and other sharp weapons. The mob severely beat four Christians and dragged others, including children, to a room. They locked the Christians inside and attempted to burn them alive. They were unsuccessful only because police arrived before they could complete the deed.

These are only a few of the attacks against Christians in recent weeks. Hindu groups revile Christians because they think Christians undermine the Hindu caste system. (March 2012 The Voice of the Martyrs)
Source: RescueChristians.Org

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