Update on Hungarian Law on Churches

30 12 2011

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Short summary of today’s day might sound like this: While Hungarian Parliament Members were voting about the new religious law, people were demonstrating outside the Parliament demanding religious freedom for all.

Although Hungarian Parliament is among the most beautiful parliament buildings in the world, beauty is not enough to prevent some really ugly laws to be created there. The positive news is that request for “100 years of presence in Hungary or Internationally”, was changed back to “20 years of existence in Hungary”.

We are waiting to receive the translation of the final text of the law, and will provide you more detailed update in a couple of days. In the photo gallery below you can see pictures of demonstrations held outside the Parliament as well as the pictures of Parliament from the inside.

We really hope next year will be better, but to make it better all of us will need to work harder, or as one advertisment said “Don’t work harder, work smarter”.


Photo by Jura Nanuk/CERF Institute



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