Hungarian pastor on hunger strike protesting against repressive law on churches

30 11 2011

A hunger strike is a method of non-violent resistance or pressure in which participants fast as an act of political protest, or to provoke feelings of guilt in others, usually with the objective to achieve a specific goal, such as a policy change. Most hunger strikers will take liquids but not solid food. A hunger strike cannot be effective if the fact that it is being undertaken is not publicized so as to be known by the people who are to be impressed, concerned or embarrassed by it.

In the first 3 days, the body is still using energy from glucose. After that, the liver starts processing body fat, in a process called ketosis. After 3 weeks the body enters a “starvation mode”. At this point the body “mines” the muscles and vital organs for energy, and loss of bone marrow becomes life-threatening.

Jeremiás Izsák-Bács, a leading pastor of the Hungarian Anabaptist Mission, Hungarian Mennonite Church, has started a hunger strike in Strasbourg on the 10th of November aimed at the new church law which becomes effective on the 1st of January, 2012. The new law deprives 250 churches of their currently recognized religious status with a stroke of a pen. This law forces them to be terminated or to re-register as citizens’ associations. Please help pastor Izsák-Bács by spreading the news about his action through blogs, Facebook and media if possible.

Pastor Izsák-Bács needs financial support for medical supervision of his bodily function and hotel room in Starsbourgh. Hungarian edition of Voice of America published in their online article data on bank account where financial support for pastor Izsák-Bács can be sent:

Bank name: BUDAPEST BANK Rt.
Bank address: 1138 Budapest, Váci út 188. (EU – Hungary)
Account owner: Evangéliumi Szolnoki Gyülekezet Egyház
Address: 5000 Szolnok, TVM. Ltp. Művelődési Ház, (EU – Hungary)
Account number: 10104569 – 72957800 – 00000002
IBAN : HU37 1010 4569 7295 7800 0000 0002

For more information on pastor Izsák-Bács please contact pastor Péter  Soós,  mobil : +36-30-663-0880, E-mail: [email protected]


November 23, 2011, Strasbourg

My name is Jeremiás Izsák-Bács. I am pastor and representative of the Hungarian Mennonite Church. I have been on a hunger strike since November 10 to call the attention to the serious violation of the law inHungary.  

The Hungarian Parliament has adopted a series of laws that restricted the freedom of press and speech, made the electoral law one-sided, deprived citizens of social rights and drastically reduced the employees’ rights.  All of these actions infringe our basic human rights in an unacceptable and unconstitutional manner. 

This unspeakable legislation has also come to the church law. This irregularly forced new church law left untouched the legal status of only 14 churches; the right of every other legally registered church was taken away; starting in January, these groups will only be allowed to operate as societies rather than churches.  This is a fundamental and drastic loss of rights.

I protest against the deprivation of civil rights, the unacceptable restrictions, and I fight for Hungary to return to the legal and democratic norms agreed upon by the European Union!

Jeremiás Izsák-Bács

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9 06 2012

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